CH 3-year Follow-up

WorkgroupsBased on data from a Michigan pilot study, a surprising number of children diagnosed with Congenital Hypothyroidism during the newborn period are no longer being treated for CH at three years of age without reevaluation. The Workgroup will work to expand the efforts of the Michigan pilot. This will include refining the surveys to ensure collection of sufficient information to understand why children diagnosed with CH are no long receiving treatment, expanding data collection efforts to include all seven Region 4 Midwest states, and preparing and disseminating CH follow up guidelines to be used by state follow up programs. It is anticipated that this project will result in improved follow up of children diagnosed with CH; increased knowledge of families and primary care providers about importance of continuing treatment and reevaluation; an increase in the number of children being re-evaluated at age three; and reduction in number of children whose treatment is discontinued without re-evaluation.

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