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Newborn Screening

Family Centered Pediatric Emergency Department Sickle Cell Assessment

Increasing Genetic Referrals for Children

Newborn Screening: What Prenatal Care Providers Need to Know

This online course is designed for prenatal care providers, child birth educators, and other health care professionals who work with expectant parents. This course will enable you to heighten expectant parents’ awareness of newborn screening. Although state-mandated newborn screening programs have existed for over four decades, many parents still are unaware of newborn screening. You have an essential role in assisting parents to be informed and prepared for their baby’s newborn screening.

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Family Centered Pediatric Emergency Department Sickle Cell Assessment of Needs and Strengths (FC-Peds-ED-SCANS)©

The FC-Peds-ED-SCANS is a decision support tool and a set of seven algorithms that can be used as a quality improvement framework to guide management of the child with sickle cell disease in the emergency department. Based on the algorithms, management of children with sickle cell disease in the emergency department may benefit from a strong multi-disciplinary approach and model of care, including nurses, physicians, social workers, and child life specialists. At the center of this approach is the important role of the child, parent and family. Patient and family centered care can guide important aspects of management of children with sickle cell disease in the emergency department. Important aspects of care identified through the development of the FC-Peds-ED-SCANS include: role of parent, triage, analgesic management, diagnostic evaluation, disposition, high risk evaluation, and referrals for unmet psychosocial needs at discharge.

This tool was developed through a partnership with Dr. Paula Tanabe, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing with secondary appointments in the Divisions of Hematology and Emergency Medicine at Duke University. Dr. Tanabe worked with Region 4 and the Hemoglobinopathies workgroup to modify the adult ED-SCANS for use in pediatric patients with sickle cell disease seen in the emergency department.

Overview of the tool

Letter to providers about the FC-Peds-ED-SCANS

Click here to download the FC-Peds-ED-SCANS Tool

Increasing Genetic Referrals for Children Identified through the EHDI system: An Action Guide for Providers Serving Children who have Hearing Loss

This guide was developed by the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Follow-up Workgroup to educate providers and increase genetic referrals for children with hearing loss. This guide contains guidelines, suggested actions for increasing referrals and tools that service providers may use or adapt to increase referrals for children who have hearing loss.

Click here to download the EHDI Guide