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Young Adults

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Welcome to the Region 4 Genetics Collaborative Healthcare Transition website.

What is healthcare transition?

Healthcare Transition is defined as the “purposeful, planned movement from child-centered to adult-oriented healthcare systems”. The transition process may involve learning new independent living skills, getting your own insurance, or seeing new doctors. For people who have genetic conditions and their families, transitions can sometimes require a significant amount of thought and planning.

Our goal is to help you think about key transition points and to provide resources that may help you plan for them. While we hope this information will be helpful to you, please remember that this information cannot replace medical care or advice from professionals. We encourage you to talk to your medical doctors, social workers, genetic counselors, and other specialists. They can provide detailed information about your concerns. You may also find national organizations that provide information for people with specific inherited conditions may have additional resources that focus on the unique challenges of those conditions.

How to Navigate:

You will notice the information on this website is organized by the intended audience: Young adults, parents and guardians, and medical professionals. As you look at the topics, you may want to focus on the resources for people who are most like you. However, you may find that some of the other resources might also be useful for you. Feel free to explore.

We hope to continue expanding this site so we can provide additional resources over time. If you are aware of resources that we have missed, please let us know by emailing us at We are also happy to hear any feedback from you.

Model Values & Goals

Establish a working alliance between the young adult, parent(s)/guardian(s) and professional to enable the child to:

  • Realize his/her potential
  • Satisfy his/her needs
  • Develop capacities needed to interact successfully with biological,
    physical and social environments
  • Become a responsible medical consumer

This Healthcare Transition resource is for informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice.
Acknowledgements: Model adapted from “Letting Grow and Letting Go: From Diagnosis to Adulthood” and the GLADD approach by John Reiss PhD, ICHP, University of Florida