Forums, Workgroups & Advisory Group


About UsRegion 4 Midwest Forums are designed to encourage sharing among groups of like stakeholders such as families, genetic service providers, newborn screening laboratories, and leaders in public health genetics. The forums will support discussion of common concerns across the region, share best practices, and identify priorities to be addressed within the Region 4 Genetics Collaborative.


From the initial grant cycle in 2004, Region 4 Midwest has established a workgroup structure to: 1) share information about current practices; 2) identify barriers to improving practices; and 3) develop materials, products and systems to improve quality of, and access to, newborn screening and genetic services throughout the Region. Region 4 Midwest staff provide research, facilitation and product development services for the groups. The workgroups are chaired by Region 4 Midwest members.

Advisory Group

The Region 4 Midwest Advisory Group has been instrumental to the success of the Region 4 Midwest Genetics Collaborative. Through facilitated Advisory Group telemeetings and face-to-face meetings in conjunction with the Regional Meeting, conflicts have been resolved, barriers addressed and support and direction provided to workgroups. Beginning in Year 1 of the new grant period, membership of the Advisory Group will include the lead of each forum, the leads and co-leads of each workgroup, and the Region 4 Midwest representatives to National Coordinating Center (NCC) workgroups (transition, medical home, telemedicine). The Advisory Group will meet quarterly to provide input, advice and guidance on barriers to grant implementation, workgroup products and overall grant direction.

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